Product Introduction

鯖しいたけ煮付け缶(容量小) - コピー
Boiled mackerel shiitake mushrooms(180g)
It is a simple canned mackerel caught in the fall that has a good greasiness and has won the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award. It’s a unique collaboration between mackerel and shiitake mushrooms, but it’s a canned food that’s worth eating. Received the “Iwate Prefectural Special Award” from the Iwate Prefecture Fisheries Processed Products Contest in the first year of Reiwa
Fried kamaboko (3 pieces)
A simple kamaboko that can be made “because it is a fishmonger” without any additives, using walleye pollock landed at Miyako Port. Only “fish meat, sugar, salt, starch starch, rapeseed oil” are used as raw materials.
It is a slightly hardened “kamaboko” that you can understand the taste of fish.
Miyako Megumi no Karame Miso
The best landing in Japan by fishing port, “Pacific cod”. “Octopus” and “scallop” are grown in the mineral-rich sea and have a rich sweetness. The blessings of nature in Sanriku and Miyako are smoked with cherry chips, mellow with koji paste, and entwined with Iwate’s special miso to create a product that condenses depth and aroma.
Received the “Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award” at the 2017 Iwate Prefecture Fisheries Processed Products Contest
Boiled oysters in soy sauce
Miyako Bay in Iwate / Sanriku has a wide mouth and is a suitable place for oyster farming, where the beautiful seawater from the Pacific Ocean and the nutrients of the forests from the Tsugaruishi River and the Kui River are mixed.
The oysters, which are rich in minerals and grown well in both body and grain, are carefully stewed in a special soy sauce sauce.